KH Energia-Konsult

AS KH Energia-Konsult

Heino Harak
Member of the Board

KH Energia-Konsult Ltd. is the largest electrical company in Estonia which is based on private capital.  The enterprise was founded in 1991; works completed so far add to more than 100,000,000 euros. These works include some significant subjects, such as the shopping centres of Rocca al Mare and Ülemiste, Art Museum of Estonia, Kiev Dnepr shopping centre, lighting-and climate solutions of Statue of Liberty, and much more.

The company's main occupation is everything that has to do with electricity. In case of new electrical devices being yet under construction, it means the whole scale of works, from hearing the wishes of the customer, to handing over to the customer the new device in working order, with given potential, and supplied with all the execution documents.

Works include projecting, completing with appliances and materials, installing, setup, and tuning works, along with all the electrical and construction works, necessary as-built drawings, and all the documents formalized. In case of already existing electrical devices, it means arranging the maintenance of the electrical devices, i.e. organizing the maintenance plan for the electrical devices, and following it, to guarantee its functioning without interferences, safely, and purposefully. We are also experienced and certified in audit measurement tests and technical inspection.

The company has:

  • Management system certificates that comply with the requirements of standards:
    • EV-EN ISO 9001:2008 (quality)
    • ISO 14001:2004 (environment)
    • EVS 18001:2007 (health & safety management)
  • accreditation for technical inspection of electrical devices, i.e. license to assess and certify the conformity of new electrical devices, and for regular technical inspection of electrical devices already in service;
  • accreditation for electrical audit measurement tests;
  • activity license for designing, installing, and maintaining the surveillance equipment.

The company has registration entries in the register of economic activities for following areas of activity:

  • construction,
  • electrical works,
  • owner supervision,
  • design works,
  • exercising the technical inspection of electrical devices,
  • operating as measuring and testing laboratory.

The development of KH Energia-Konsult Ltd.: turnover during the first year of activity in 1992: EEK 200,000; in 2002: EEK 103,000,000; in 2009: EEK 230,000,000. The total volume of works done during the years is over EUR 100,000,000. These works include installments of electrical devices into several of the most noteworthy establishments, including the shopping centers of Rocca al Mare and Ülemiste,Art Museum of Estonia, Kiev DneprShopping Center, Tallinn’s Statue of Liberty’s lighting and climate solution, etc.

Our company has maintained and developed the outdoor lighting in Tallinn for 15 years. We are responsible for the maintenance of the outdoor lighting of most Estonian main roads and intersections by controlling, monitoring and securing the lighting lines and outdoor lighting via a real-time control system. Transferring the outdoor lighting in the Tallinn Old Town to controllable LED-lighting with up to 80% energy savings is in progress. We are responsible for the maintenance of electrical installations in many government agencies, companies and schools (approx. 120 agreements).

Our electric diagrams and installations have been repeatedly highlighted. AS KH Energia-Konsult has many times achieved prize-winning places in the chart of construction companies published by the newspaper Äripäev as well as in the chart of electric companies published by the Estonian Association Of Electrical Enterprises. AS KH Energia-Konsult has been awarded the successful company label Edukas Ettevõte 2014, our credit rating is AA.

Heino Harak
Member of the Board
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